Worried About Your Water Supply? 4 Steps To Take To Ensure Clean Water For Your Family

No matter how careful you are about you health and safety, things can occur that are outside of your ability to prevent. Natural disasters are those types of occurrences. All you can do is prepare to the best of your ability, and hope that you've done enough to protect yourself and your family. Your water safety is one area where you should spend a bit more time with the emergency preparations. One reason is because it doesn't take a large natural disaster to wreak havoc on the water supply, and render it hazardous. Even severe flood conditions can contaminate your water supply. PFOS contamination is one hazard that can require emergency measures. While most municipal water companies do their best to remove those harmful chemicals, they can still get through to the water supply during natural disasters, such as floods. Here are four steps you can take at home to ensure a clean water supply for you and your family.

Install a Water Treatment System in Your Home

If your water is provided through a municipal water company, they've already done their part to provide treatment for potential hazards. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take additional steps. One way to do that is by installing a residential water treatment system in your home. These residential systems remove chemicals and other elements that can cause sickness in your family. If you own your own home, residential water treatment systems are the ideal way to go one step beyond municipal water treatment.

Purchase Portable Filtration Devices

If you don't own your own home, it can be difficult installing a water treatment system. However, that doesn't mean you can't provide clean water for your family. Purchase portable filtration devices for your home, such as faucet-adapter filtration systems, or filtered water pitchers that you can store in your refrigerator. You can also provide your family members with personal filtration bottles that provide filtration for your water bottles. These devices allow you to send your kids to school with fresh water.

Monitor Your Water Supply

Whether your water comes from your own well, or from a municipal supply, you need to monitor your supply. If your water comes from your own well, have it tested about once a month for contaminants. If your water comes from a municipal water company, request a copy of their water reports. This will allow you to know the quality, and the safety, of the water you're consuming.

Store Purified Bottled Water

You never know when a natural disaster is going to contaminate your water supply. When it does, you need to be prepared on a moments notice to bring in fresh water for your family. You can do that by storing bottles of purified water in your home. Try to keep several days worth of water for each member of your family in your home at all times.

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